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In response to the letter from the firearms instructor, I must agree with him that women are as capable of handling a weapon as men. That is not the point.

The point, and the problem, is the gun. The more weapons that are purchased, the more weapons will be used.

Unfortunately, they are not always used in self-defense. These same weapons can be fired in anger, accidentally handled by children, or stolen.

During the recent rapes and murders in Gainesville, Fla., a national news program interviewed one of the local policemen. He stated that the public was arming itself in such a frenzy that when the police were called to a house to answer even a routine call, they were likely to be met at the door with a loaded gun in their face.

As a citizen, I find this alarming. As the mother of a police officer, I find it terrifying.

Possession of gun is a very serious responsibility.

Ideally, it should be limited to the professionals, or at least, more closely regulated.


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