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TIPS FOR low-fat, low-cholesterol Hanukkah cooking:

Where eggs are being used primarily as a binding agent, omit the yolks and use whites only -- adding one extra white for every two yolks omitted.

Use a non-stick pan at all times to reduce the amount of oil used.

Vegetables can be sauteed in water in a non-stick pan. The natural sugar content in vegetables (especially in onions) caramelizes when heated and the vegetables eventually appear browned or golden because of this process. This is another way to reduce the use of fats.

Use paper towels to drain fried foods. Reheat fried foods on a wire rack in a heated oven. Do not let items such as potato pancakes sit directly on a cookie sheet thereby letting them sit in oil without room for drainage.

Oven saute chicken by painting lightly with oil before flouring and seasoning. This avoids the tedious and fatty method of range-top frying.

When considering a choice in oils, choose soft margarines (made from polyunsaturated oils) or for cooking, polyunsaturated or mono-unsaturated oils such as Canola, safflower, sunflower or olive oil.

Don't get rid of roughage such as the skins on potatoes (for latkes) or zucchini. The taste of cooked foods is not sacrificed and the roughage is good for you.

Use low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream.
-- Marcy Goldman

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