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Eva Hernandez was Jeannie MacLaren
and I her Charlie Dalrymple
in BRIGADOON. It was the twilight
of my tenor year, that cruel one
when a young man cannot shed the boy
nor either one his peers. Bathed
in footlights, I wanted her
to "Come to me, bend to me, kiss me good
day" (and good night, for that matter).
Skinny still and reaching for the G,
eyes at the bodice of her wedding gown,
I wanted to go, if not "home with Bonnie Jean,"
then maybe to a dark shed together.
There was no heather to hie to, no
hill nor glen to lie down in our flat
little town. Her clan was Hernandez
and mine, by my mother: the MacDonald.
Angus M. Watkins
ANGUS M. WATKINS lives in Jamestown.

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