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In the past few weeks Mr. Paul Tagliabue has taken on a new job as a blackmailer. I used to think that was illegal, but I was foolish enough to believe that drugs were also. Well, Tags, why don't we just shorten the games and make a mockery of an already pathetic effort to eliminate drugs from sports. My subjects are like the NFL replay system -- proven errors but no reversals.

Where does he come off playing a political god, telling tax paying people of Arizona that he decides how they are to vote. Does he pay taxes in Arizona? Just once, only once I would like to see someone with guts putting the hammer down on drug abuse. Dexter Manley should be out of football forever, period, end, no excuses. Nice attitude. "Speak loudly and carry a twig."

Mr. Taglia"boo" you've sent a grand message to our youth of this country getting caught three times ain't so bad. The responsibility was on your shoulders and you failed miserably. I just hope you stay far away from major league baseball because three strikes and you're out is a great way to run a national pastime. Nolan Ryan should run for NFL Commissioner. He doesn't mess around when it comes to three strikes.

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