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After having watched the Bills' defense unable to stop the Oilers when it counted or any other time, for that matter -- I would like to recite a history lesson. It's well documented that history repeats itself. It's also well documented that over the last 20 years, no other NFL team has a worse December record than the Bills.

I believe it was John Madden who said that the teams who play and win in December will be the teams who will win in January (playoffs). With this in mind, it's imperative that the Bills finally play championship ball down the stretch against formidable December opposition. It's the only way they'll earn any respect from their peers (remember unimpressed Raider and Cardinal players remarks after Bills' wins), as well as from noted media detractors Bill Walsh, Dan Dierdorf, et al.

With a vastly improved Miami team ready to regain its AFC crown, it's up to the Bills to prove they are truly the team they think they are. C'mon guys let's make history, not repeat it!

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