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Ever wonder why you have to pay so much money for products and packaging that goes into the garbage after a few uses? A New York-based consumer group has mounted a complaint campaign against manufacturers of disposable and non-recyclable products.

The New York Public Interest Research Group has published a 20-page guide to what it called the worst of environmentally damaging packaging and products. The guide lists toll-free telephone numbers of the products' makers and urges calls of complaint.

Prominent on the group's hit list are Eastman Kodak Co.'s Fling disposable camera; Quaker Oats Co.'s Aunt Jemima Pancake Express, with mix for six pancakes and a throwaway plastic mixing bowl; and Heinz U.S.A.'s plastic ketchup bottles. Others on the hit list make disposable razors, plastic utensils, polystyrene foam packages and disposable diapers. For a copy of the guide, send $3 to: NYPIRG, 9 Murray St., New York, N.Y. 10007.

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