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I am writing about a concern that I have about people wearing their seat belts. This concern had rarely crossed my mind until the other day, when the belt saved my life.

You see, I always would say that there was no need to wear a seat belt. I thought if I was going to die it was meant to be. But I was in a car with someone who asked me to wear my belt, so I put it on.

When I put my belt on I had a feeling of security. This feeling of security did not last too long, because about a half-hour after I put it on we collided head-on with a truck. The accident took a matter of seconds to happen. It is now going to take two years to fix my face to make it look halfway normal again. If I had not had my belt on, I would not have to worry about my face, because I would not have a life.

Yes, there might be a time for everyone to die, but why not put on your belt and make your chances a little better?

North Tonawanda

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