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"One NFTA source who asked not to be identified said (NFTA Executive Director Alfred H.) Savage is 'continually looking' for new employment . . . 'he is in pursuit of the almighty buck. Money is his goal.'"

I hate to dignify a statement quoted in The Buffalo News from someone who doesn't have the courage to stand up and be counted. But I cannot let this statement go unchallenged. It is totally unfair and untrue.

Everyone knows Savage turned down a $175,000-plus offer from Philadelphia less than a year ago. If he leaves Buffalo it will be because he hasn't been allowed to do what he was hired to do -- manage the NFTA. Another reason would be the Buffalo area's lack of governmental support. The San Francisco BART system enjoys a dedicated source of revenue from the sales tax of three counties.

I think that if I were Savage, I'd be thinking of leaving, too.


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