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Dale Wettlaufer, president of Goodnature Products Inc. of East Aurora, and Bruce Daumen, the company's sales and marketing director, are participating in a trade delegation of U.S. manufacturers on a 10-day trip to the Soviet Union.

Goodnature Products makes food processing equipment, and the trip may lead to the introduction of its juice-press technology to Russia, the executives said.

The delegation will address a group of Soviet ministry officials in Moscow before manufacturers in various industries split up for side trips.

Wettlaufer and Daumen are scheduled to travel to the city of Alma-Ata in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, near the Chinese border, known for its abundant apple crops.

They will tour a number of cooperative orchards, collective farms and processing plants.

Wettlaufer said he hopes the trip will result in a joint venture with the Soviets or direct sales of equipment.

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