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LESS THAN FOUR years ago I purchased and had installed wall-to-wall carpeting in my home at a cost in excess of $1,500.

About a year and a half ago, the carpet started to wrinkle up quite badly. About six months ago, I talked with the store manager and told him about the problem. He said that he'd have someone come out and stretch the carpeting to remove the wrinkles, but they never showed up.

. . .To Elaine Ashley of Dayton from Arlene Stafford of the Mobil Chemical Co. in Pittsford: "Before I can ask our fulfillment company to check the matter of the non-receipt of two sports & leisure bags from Hefty, I need to know where the bags were to be sent. I've asked her for that information and she can be rest assured that her grandsons will receive their tote bags." . . .

. . . To Anna Buckrop of Niagara Falls from Carol Vane of Carter and Van Peel in Hicksville: "In order to solve the problem with her four dolls, she should send me a copy of her canceled check or cashed money order, which can be obtained at the place of purchase, or a copy of the portion of her charge statement that shows the purchase. I have sent her an envelope for her convenience." . . .

I've spoken to him several times since then but he now he tells me they won't take care of it. Everyone I've spoken to about this situation tells me to write to News Power.

I am not in the habit of complaining but this is really getting me upset. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

-- H.W., Kenmore
A "THE PROBLEM WITH her carpet," says the manager, "was reported to us about one year ago. At that time, she was informed that all carpet installations are guaranteed for two years, which was also explained at the time of installation.

"We also explained that a crew of mechanics could be sent out to correct the problem. However, after further review we find that the carpet was actually purchased and installed in August of 1980.

"After 8 3/4 years, a service charge to correct the problem would apply. The charge would be for two carpet mechanics to move and replace all furniture, restretch and recut the carpeting to fit, and resecure it to the tackless strip. A service charge of $75 is not unfair after almost nine years.

"If she wishes to have this service completed, she should contact our office to set up a date convenient to her."

They sent us a photocopy of your original purchase agreement, which confirms the 1980 installation date. Under the circumstances, we don't feel their service charge is out of line.

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