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The Town Planning Board Tuesday heard preliminary plans for a 38-lot subdivision called "Hidden Oak."

Engineer James H. De La Plante III said the subdivision is planned for a site 700 feet east of the intersection of Tonawanda Creek and East Canal roads.

He said the subdivision would be developed in two phases. Phase I would be 16 lots. Each lot would be 126 by 248 feet.

De La Plante said it would be named Hidden Oak because "there is a huge oak tree over 50 feet tall across on the property. It's amazing the size of this thing. It will remain in the development."

The Planning Board will hold a public hearing at 8 p.m. June 27 to consider preliminary plans for the project. Hidden Oak is the first major subdivision to come under the new fee structure adopted by the Planning Board as part of the updating of the master plan.

All sketched plans for subdivisions, which previously were subject to no filing fees, are now charged a fee. Minor subdivisions are charged a fee of $20 per lot with a maximum fee of $50 and ot subdivision
major subdivisions are charged a fee of $20 per lot up to a maximum of $100.

The Planning Board also has raised fees for final plans and preliminary plans.

The Town Board, in updating the town master plan, also will ask the Planning Board to consider changing the minor-subdivision classification from nine lots to four.

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