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Money for skateboard ramps in South Buffalo and the University District was included in the 1989-90 budget approved by the Common Council Monday.

South Council Member Brian M. Higgins saw to it that the budget contains $7,500 for a U-shaped wooden ramp in either Cazenovia Park or the Seneca-Cazenovia neighborhood park.

Higgins has been in touch with officials in Ann Arbor, Mich., where the city has been operating a public ramp.

"They're not that dangerous; just as long as they are properly supervised," Higgins said, "It's a legitimate recreational activity. The city has a certain responsibility to provide the facilities."

Through the efforts of University Council Member Archie L. Amos Jr, the budget also includes $10,000 for a ramp at McCarthy Park. Amos received a petition from his youthful constituents seeking the ramp, but has a personal reason to support it too.

His 6-year-old son, Jason Barrington Amos, has a 'board already and, in his father's words, "is quite good at it."

But Amos restricts Jason to sidewalks, which are often uneven.

"I would rather see them gather in the park and have a ramp they can use," Amos said.

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