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The article concerning the proposed high-rise apartments in Erie Basin Marina/Waterfront Village, and particularly the Pavilion -- 12-story hotel, office building and shopping mall -- was alarmingly informative.

The present Marina Drive Apartments Inc. -- 12 stories high, facing Erie Street and the Marina -- nestles between the Skyway and Erie Street and does not constrict the city view of the waterfront. Should we be approving another 12-story high-rise in front of Marine Drive Apartments that will close this area in and deprive the public of eight acres of waterfront accessibility?

We had felt the city planners had done an excellent service to the community in keeping the heights on condos and Crawdaddy's reasonably low, so they would not sacrifice an open view of the waterfront. If such limits were not made previously, is it too late to make them now?

It appears that if the proposed Pavilion Hotel/Shopping Mall/Office Building is erected where it is planned, it will be directly across from the Marine Drive Apartments, would obliterate that complex and could instigate another "Concrete Canyon" -- such as Toronto has come to seriously regret.

But more important, it would obliterate eight acres of much-needed waterfront accessibility from public access.

We don't need a Waterfront Hotel.

We don't need a commercial mall on the waterfront, and we certainly don't need another office building.

We do need to preserve these precious eight acres for non-urban purposes.

Is it not going to be embarrassing for the Horizons Waterfront Commission, in its search for a highly compensated executive director, to hand him this Pavilion decision, already made, which might lead to a duplication of the Toronto "Concrete Canyon?"

It seems that we should take advantage of Toronto's blunder and not let it happen here, thus saving this eight acres of waterfront for the people.


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