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I feel that what the Sabres are doing to get Mogilny is the best thing since drafting Turgeon. I also feel that the anti-Soviet letter writer from last week is a very ignorant person. Obviously teams would not be drafting Europeans unless they are better than American and Canadian players.

All of the people who are complaining about Mogilny and how awful the Sabres are should consider the fact that all teams in the NHL want the best players. Who cares where they are from? According to Wayne Gretzky, Mogilny is the best player in the Soviet Union (Late Night with David Letterman). So why is there all this complaining?

I don't think that having Europeans in the NHL will take the excitement out of international games. Most European players go back to play for their home teams after their season ends. However, Mogilny won't be able to do this. Also, imagine the excitement of Mogilny playing against his old teammates.

If we didn't have Christian Ruuttu, where would all the goal-scoring passes he makes to Foligno, Arniel and Vaive come from? Where would have Gretzky been in Edmonton without Jari Kurri?

Let us also put ourselves in Mogilny's place. Knowing that you had been drafted by a team in a free country, would you have wanted to stay in a country where you have no freedom at all? By the way, America is made up of all different nationalities. So where would America and the NHL be without Europeans?

Can you imagine how boring the NHL would be without European players? It would be very boring because; a) there aren't very many good American players and b) we need someone else to challenge Gretzky and Lemieux, other than Yzerman.
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