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Presidential candidates George Bush and Michael Dukakis ap proach the issue of Israel similar ly, according to an assistant to Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, D-N.Y. "Neither man has the visceral affection for Israel," said Dr. Da vid Luchins, addressing Young Is rael of Greater Buffalo in Amherst Sunday night. Luchins, chairman of the politi cal science department at Touro College in New York City, dis cussed Jewish interests in the 1988 election in the first Maslow Yahr zeit Lecture.

He listed two Jewish issues: re ligious freedom in America and security for the State of Israel. "We don't have to apologize to anyone ever for why our heart beats a little faster on those two issues," he said. While focusing on the presiden tial race, he maintained congres sional races are more important for those who favor a strong poli cy toward Israel. He predicted both candidates, if elected, will demand conces sions on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, will pressure Israel to nego tiate with the Palestine Liberation Organization, and both will recog nize a Palestinian government in exile. "We're going to have a tough time," he said. He said both Bush and Dukakis are decent men, and neither has an "anti-Semite bone" in his body. "The good news is we could have done a lot worse," Luchins said. But he said, as a strong sup porter of Israel, he would have preferred a Democratic ticket of Sens. Paul Simon, D-Illinois, and Albert Gore, D-Tennessee, and a Republican ticket of Sen. Robert Dole, R-Kansas, and Rep. Jack F. Kemp, D-Hamburg. "I am quite nervous about our range of interests if either party wins," he said. He said that Jesse Jackson, al though he lost the Democratic pri mary for president, is becoming a symbol for blacks. He stopped short of calling Jackson anti- Semitic but said that Jackson has shown an amazing insensitivity toward issues important to Jews. "Jesse Jackson will be a prob lem no matter who is president," he said. In the Republican Party, Lu chins said, Pat Robertson and the far right pose a threat to Jewish interests. He said he believes that faction of the party is being taken over by Dan Quayle, the Republi can vice presidential candidate. "I do not accept the premise that Dan Quayle is not qualified for office," he said, adding that the Indiana senator is as qualified as former Vice President Spiro Ag new and unsuccessful vice presi dential candidate Geraldine Ferra ro. As senator, Quayle had a poor record on issues affecting the secu rity of Israel, Luchins said. Luchins is national vice presi dent of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, a member of the National Advisory Council of the Jewish Fund for Justice and an associate member of the Na tional Commission, Anti-Defama tion League of B'nai B'rith.

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